Our History

Fred Ziegler starts Thunderbird Industries and operates out of his basement part time on Marquette Street in Appleton, WI.

Fred moves out of the house on Marquette Street and into a house on Capitol Drive in Appleton, moving the business along with him.

Fred Ziegler incorporates Thunderbird Industries and moves the business out of his basement and into a larger building in downtown Appleton.

Thunderbird Industries undergoes a name change to better describe what they do. It is renamed Industrial Nameplate Incorporated.

Fred Ziegler retires and his daughter and current Owner, Lynn Swanton takes over the family business.

Construction starts on a new building for Industrial Nameplate at current location on Neubert Road in Appleton.

Lynn chooses to expand Industrial Nameplate and create a new company, Top Dog Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Design.

Construction is complete on the 8,000 square foot building and Industrial Nameplate and Top Dog move into their new space. Top Dog has a fantastic first year and both businesses grow dramatically.

Industrial Nameplate and Top Dog outgrow their current space. Lynn expands the building another 4,000 square feet to total 12,000 square feet.

Top Dog receives the Best of the Valley award for their screen printing services.